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Reference Dirk
Dirk V., Belgium

How long do you already sail?
37 years

Which boat did you sail before the Falcon?
Laser, afterwards Kat 17 (catamaran).

With whom do you mostly sail?
Family: brother-in-law, brother and son.

Why did you chose the Falcon?
Light, fast, nice looking, agile, state of the art F16 design. Fully equipped for races, with all trim posibilities. User frienldy, safe, solid, great finish, good service, great to sail one up.

How would you describe the boat in one sentence?
Provided the necessary technique and physical, a sensational cat to have fun and fully mentally relax.

Reference Peter
Peter H., Germany

Who am I?
Male, 45yrs, married + 2 daughters.

Where I mainly sail?
Zwischenahner Meer (freshwater lake, Oldenburg, Northern Germany)

My sailing history?
Optimist, 420, Laser, HC14 (+jib), HC17 (+jib), HC16, Falcon

How I arrived at the Falcon F16?
Looking for fast & low-weight sailing in single AND two-up-mode.

What I like most?
Handling [on land (light!) & on water (hull volume)], building quality (finishing & stiffness), design & options to individualize, and, last but not least, breathtaking acceleration

Reference Matthew
Matthew S., U.K.

I bought the boat as the boat offered the best material and construction specifications, to all other boat deigns on the market. i.e 60006 T6 beams and mast, a material I had worked with in the aircraft industry as an Engineer offered fantastic strength to weight ability, along with a composite Aramid Glass fibre constructed the hull offered stiffness strength and lightness.

The boat matches the very best which I have sailed (Nacra Infusion) in terms of speed and handle ability however the Falcon is far more versatile allowing for: excellent single handed ability, two man/women racing and a good junior training craft.

The item, which impress me the most is how well you can trim the boat to all weather conditions ranging from 4 knots to 28 knots of wind by adjusting the diamond wire tension and downhaul.

The boat is cleanly laid out allowing for quick rounding of marks.

One other aspect of the boat which I like is that it sails best when you drive it down wind, flying one hull is the way to prevent pitch poles that is up until the strongest of winds 24 + knots. In addition the relatively high hulls allows the crew and the helm to lower themselves on the wire further than most boats of there kind, making the most efficient use of their combined weight.

Reference John
John C., US, professional sailor

I was impressed with how much power stayed in the boat during the lulls even though Dalton and I weighed in at about 330 lbs. The double trap reach was so much fun we didn’t want to turn around.

Saturday was bouy racing and with a 10-15 knot cool northerly we were excited to get out there. The Falcon performed really well again, outpacing the F18s around the course. Upwind, the helm was light and the Falcon accelerated quickly in the puffs instead of tripping over itself like many other designs. The 12:1 cunningham worked well, and the Glaser mainsail flattened out evenly. I was again surprised with the amount of power the rig created. We were able to hold the upwind line of the F18s in lighter breeze, and could hold a higher line as soon as we single wired.

Downwind I didn’t know what to expect. When you first look at the Falcon, since it doesn’t have much freeboard and even less bow, it looks like it might be prone to pitchpoling. Well, when we were on the boat and looked at the hulls from above it’s a whole different story. There’s plenty of volume in those little hulls. Even in the 15 knot puffs we were never close to putting the bow in, and actually the crew never went behind the rear beam on the trapeze. The volume and flat section between the bow and front crossbar worked well to keep the bow up and spray flying. We were grinning like crazy downwind! In the lulls the F18s did have a little deeper line, but when it was breeze on the Falcon was gone.

Reference Youth

“The switch from the F18 to the F16 was great. No more pain in my back and since I can sail one up I haven't been on the water more".

"One of the fastest boats on the water, single and double handed. And the Falcon is as fast as an F18, so always someone to race against on the water."

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