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The involvement in development projects as the Osprey hydrofoil and in high tech projects for the US army and aviation industry gives Falcon Marine a wide knowledge in laminates and production techniques. Knowledge and skill allowing us to offer top quality at affordable prices.

Osprey hydrofoil development project

The Osprey is a 18ft racing trimaran capable of hydrofoiling already at light winds.

Falcon Marine is involved in the built and development of the hulls, sails and foils of this hydrofoil. The hydrofoil is engineered in such a way that it automatically regulates it's lift. In that way you have the smoothest ride you can think off.
Check out the hydrofoil movie here:

Osprey Hydrofoil from Adventure Online TV on Vimeo

Falcon 44ft patrol boat

One of Falcon Marine's other projects is a 44ft patrol boat for the US army. A differen approach to work with fibre glass and carbon, giving us insights in new fabrics which we can apply to the Falcon catamarans.

Falcon patrol boat

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