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Ready from the box

The Falcon F16 is ready to sail when delivered to you. All the lines are within reach from your comfortable sailing position. Everything nicely laid out and tied away so you have a clean and efficient package. High end finishing tops off the package.

We ensure your comfort
The Falcon hulls have been optimised to the F16 boxrule. The hulls were not only designed to maximise the volume, but to place it properly to provide the smoothest and easiest drive. The side and bottom shapes provide dynamic lift, steadying the ride quality and providing the ability to drive the Falcon harder downwind than any other existing F16 design.

Light & fast
The Falcon is a feather to move around on the beach and easy to right after a capsize. The latest technologies are used in design and production to built a fast, light and top quality catamaran. And the Falcon is fast. It is designed and built to thrill you and get you the best results. It easily beats F18 or A cats, so in races you are always in the front of the pack.

You know the feeling, great sailing weather but you can't find a crew. No problem, the Falcon is one of the only catamaran built to sail as well in one up or two up mode.

Ideal for lighter teams
The Falcon F16 offers a solution for lighter teams, as man-woman, father-son/daughter, youth teams, to sail a 'high performance' catamaran designed towards their weight and needs. However thanks to the volume in the hulls and power in the sail bigger teams can be equally competitive.

Leisure or race?

The Falcon is available in 2 versions, the solid and complete standard version for recreational sailors and the race version provided with all the trim possibilities. Both are of course available in one-up (no jib) or two-up version (with jib).

Falcon F16 - Standard version

Designed with the focus on ease of use. Everything is kept simple and the ease of sailing prevails.

  • Foam cored fiberglass reinforced vinylester laminate for super stiff platform
  • Carbon beams
  • Diamond wire spreader mast system
  • Spinnaker with snuffer bag
  • High performance wing mast
  • Full carbon rudders & daggerboards
  • Pentex sails
  • Easy pull up dagger board system
  • Square top mainsail
  • Fully battened, self tacking jib
  • Pinned mast stepping
Falcon F16 - Race version

Designed to get the most out of the boat and to be the quickest around the course. To use the boat to its fullest potential you can take a look at our tuning guide.

  • Standard version
  • Separate spinnaker tack line
  • Quick release mast rotation
  • Adjustable trapezes
  • Double ratchet spin blocks
  • Tapered mainsheet
  • Sta master adjustable side stays
  • Foot straps

  • Weight: 127 kg sail ready*
    *Can be optimised to 112 kg
  • Length: 16 foot (= 5 meter)
  • Width: 2,5 meter
  • Mast height: 8,5 meter
  • Surface main sail: 15 m²
  • Surface jib: 3,5 m²
  • Surface spinnaker: 17,5 m²
  • Ideal crew weight: 115 - 155 kg

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