• First mixed team at Texel Dutch Open
  • Falcon F16 youth sailing team

    We have developed a youth sailing programme, to help youth teams take the step to high performance cat racing and to become a top team in the European cat scene.

    F16 youth sailing
  • Light & versatile

    You know the feeling, great sailing weather but you can't find a crew. No problem, the Falcon F16 is one of the only catamaran built to sail as well in one up or two up mode.

    F16 one up
  • Fast & sensational

    The Falcon is designed and built to thrill you and get you the best results. Our professional support and service will help you to reach your goal.

    Falcon F18 sensational

En cours de construction

Nous sommes en train de travailler pour vous supporter le meilleur que possible en votre langue. N'hesitez pas à consulter notre site en Anglais où contactez-nous ici.

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Falcon youth team
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