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Having been on the customer side for years in catsailing we knew we could deliver better service when we started selling the Falcon. We are proud to say we have all items in stock and deliver them to you in no time! Wether your a pro racer or a leisure sailor, your time on the water is limited. If anything breaks you don't want that to keep you off the water.
At races we carry spares from masts to tillers, to keep you racing. In Ostend our stock carries all essential Falcon parts so we can deliver to you the day after ordering in almost every European destination!

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Support is about giving you the tools to rig and tune your Falcon to enjoy it from the first minute! Our professional sailing team has made the below trimsheet to get your Falcon race ready in no time!
But is also means we are there for you to help you in your specific sailing situation. With our years of background in F16 and other sailing classes and multiple top 3 finishes on World and European events we love to share our passion and knowledge with you, on the phone and on the beach.

Falcon F18
Owners manual (pdf - 2.1 MB)
Trim sheet (pdf - 241 kb)
Tramp line layout (pdf - 278 kb)

Falcon F16 / Falcon eXplore
Owners manual (pdf - 2.1 MB)
Trim sheet (pdf - 130 kb)
Tramp line layout (pdf - 74 kb)

Blade F16
Owners manual (pdf - 1.0 MB)

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