Optimizing the rule

The Falcon F18 is the latest F18 design on the market and the only one fully built in the U.S. The Falcon F18 offers innovation within the F18 class.

The F18 designs have been moving to more volume over the years. The Falcon F18 follows this principle and offers huge volume giving you a huge margin to push the boat downwind. At the same time the upwind performance is not comprised by a clever wave piercing design based on the experience we had of the smooth ride the Falcon F16 offers.
Beam slap is history with the Falcon F18, the boat offers the highest freeboard in the market ensuring the smoothest ride in choppy seas.

On the road
If you're a racer you will travel with the boat. However you don't want to waste time on rigging and de-rigging the boat. The control systems on the boat have been designed to be ergonomic and at the same time are fast to rig and de-rig. The continuous cunningham system can remain in on piece as the entire system can be released from the mast in a couple of seconds.

Using the latest production techniques in the market, the Falcon F18 offers one of the stiffest platforms on the market, keeping it's stiffness over the years. Check the quality section to know more about the production process.

Falcon F18

The Falcon F18 comes fully equipped to race with all the trim possibilities.

  • Foam cored fiberglass reinforced vinylester laminate for super stiff platform
  • Polished gel coat with all seams faired and finished
  • Fully equipped with Harken, the worlds best quality
  • EVO foam non skid
  • Clean trampoline lay out, ready to sail
  • Easy pull up dagger board system/li>
  • Safe pinned mast stepping
  • High performance wing mast
  • Glaser pentex sails, with square top mainsail
  • 10:1 main
  • 16:1 downhaul
  • Diamond wire spreader mast system
  • Quickrelease mast rotation
  • Adjustable trapezes
  • Tapered mainsheet
  • Footstraps
  • Turn buckle adjustment on all stays
  • Continuous jib system
  • Continuous down haul with removable base at mast so the mast can be separated for storage or travel
  • Adjustable jib halyard

  • Weight: 180 kg sail ready
  • Length: 18 foot (= 5.52 meter)
  • Width: 2,6 meter
  • Mast height: 9,1 meter
  • Surface main sail: 17 m²
  • Surface jib: 4,1 m²
  • Surface spinnaker: 21 m²

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