Quality, not just words to us, but a real care to provide the best quality product to our customers. We are proud to be the only F16 and F18 built in Europe and the U.S. Each of our employees knows the name of the customer he is working for and personally follows up the production. Your Falcon is made with care.

Stand still is to go backwards

Whereas most of our competition has chosen to move their production facilities to low-wage countries to cope with increasing labour and production costs of hand layup techniques, we have chosen to keep full production in the U.S. and adapt our way of producing to the changing environment.
The advantage? Competitive pricing and even better quality!


Traditional hand layup techniques are timeconsuming and leave a lot of room for errors during the production process. Even close molded techniques such as infusion or RTM were not capable of providing the consistency and extremely high fiber ratios required to produce light weight catamaran hulls and couldn't deliver us the timesaving we were looking for. Vacuum bagging and vacuum consolidation were finally used to fabricate the lightest, highest fiber ratio laminates.
Vacuum bagging and vacuum consolidtion
Following an extensive 2 year R&D effort, Falcon Marine has developed a laminate and process to build the F16 and F18 hulls using a modified infusion process, providing added hull stiffness and reducing human errors compared to traditional techniques. No less than 5 different fiber styles and orientations are used in the laminate to provide the strength but keep the finished weight of our boats at the minimum. All this together means the Falcon is the premier F16 and F18 platform on the market.

Red mainsail

Different fibre types used in hull construction


Vaccuum bagged infusion process

Research & development

Hull design

Working with the latest trends in hull design philosophy the Falcon Marine team developed the new Falcon F16. Lowering the placement of the hull volume to help with dynamic lift, raising the freeboard to prevent beam slap, moving the rocker to prevent tripping in waves and significantly increasing the bow volume while moving the rig aft have all contributed to making a platform that is easy to drive off the wind, even in rough conditions.

The boat has a very balanced volume distribution to help minimize pitching and smooth lines to shed waves. The freeboard and volume changes make the Falcon feel much larger than other 16ft designs. The Falcon is capable of being pushed much harder off the wind and make this model capable of competing with an even larger range of effective crew weights. Combine all this with some very sharp styling and the Falcon is the benchmark in F16 development.

The recently developed Falcon F18 clearly follows the same philosophy offering the highest freeboard in the market allowing sailors to push the boat hard downwind.

Sail design

The engine in any rig is the sails. We work with sailmakers developing and refining the sail package for these boats.

The materials are chosen for performance and durability. Even if you do not plan to race, all sailors will appreciate a well designed rig layout. Balance and the ability to be able to tune the sails to a wider range of wind conditions are but a few of the advantages to a properly designed sail set.

We are one of the only F16 manufacturers not using a stiff F18 mast on our boat. This enables you to depower in big winds, with only the cunningham. This makes the Falcon a joy to sail. A carbon wing section mast developed for this boat is also available for those looking for added features.

Finally the hardware systems on the Falcon are not only the fastest for racing, but easiest on the crew and in locations that make sense. Racing crews appreciate not having to work as hard, and single hander’s appriciate a platform that is manageable. A happy crew is a fast crew and the F16 concept is about performance fun.

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