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For youth teams to eXplore F16 racing

The Falcon eXplore is developed to offer a step in between youth cats and a competition platform as the Falcon F16, while keeping costs down.

Full control

The Falcon eXplore is optimised for youth teams of 90 to 115 kg. The mainsail and spinnaker are smaller in size to reduce the muscle power needed and to ensure that the lighter team is comfortable on the boat at all times.

The next step...

Once the youth team reaches the ideal weight Falcon F16 (115 to 155 kg), just swith your mainsail en spinnaker and you have a fully optimised Falcon F16!


For more details on the options available on the Falcon eXplore, refer to the Falcon F16 product page.

  • Weight: 127 kg sail ready*
    *Can be optimised to 112 kg
  • Length: 16 foot (= 5 meter)
  • Width: 2,5 meter
  • Mast height: 8,5 meter
  • Surface main sail: 13 m²
    (Falcon F16 = 15 m²)
  • Surface jib: 3,5 m²
  • Surface spinnaker: 15 m²
    (Falcon F16 = 17.5 m²)

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